Association Dues


Meadow Wood Farms Property Owner’s Association annual dues of $55 per year, per household, apply to each fiscal year starting June 1 and running through May 31 of the following year.

Your dues help the MWFPOA in many ways. We use your money to pay for:

  • Insurance

  • electricity for entrance and park lights

  • landscaping , mowing and maintenance for the park and entrances

  • publication of the  biannual MWF Telephone Directory

  • printing and distribution of the monthly newsletter

  • additional community expenses as they may arise

Thank you for helping Meadow Wood Farms be the best it can be. Complete details of our monthly income and expenses are available in the “Treasurer’s Report” section of our website, under the Meetings tab at   

If you have questions please contact Karen Reade,  (352) 622-2030 email: