Meadow Wood Farms is a friendly community of beautiful “Mini-Estates” and small horse farms located in the Hamlet of Cotton Plant in Marion County, Florida. MWF is a deed restricted community established in 1971 and membership in our Association is voluntary.

Its eighteen hundred acres of wooded, rolling terrain is interspersed with rich green pastures, and laced by seventeen miles of winding, tree-shaded newly paved roads, which provide a good place to walk, jog, or ride a bicycle, away from the perils of city traffic.

We have our own neighborhood “Friendship Park” consisting of two acres of nature with complimentary children’s area consisting of a slide, swings, monkey bars and seesaws as well as a Pavilion, dedicated to long time residents, Hazel and Henri Bowen. All year long it is a friendly place to take your children to play, or spend a nice day in a natural setting. It is in this setting that we hold our annual picnic and numerous other events throughout the year.

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Top 10 Benefits of Membership:

  • It’s healthy to do something fun and rewarding with your neighbors.
  • Friendship Park (maintained by the Association).
  • Affinity groups such as Bible Study, Exercise Groups, Horse Club with MORE to come.
  • Parties for Kids and Adults.
  • Informative Monthly Newsletter.
  • Neighborhood Directory.
  • Informative and fun Association meetings.
  • Source of information and advice to new residents.
  • Opportunities to connect with your neighbors.
  • CLICK HERE for a printable Membership Application form

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